Monday, July 28, 2014

Cooper's 2nd Birthday Letter From Daddy

Coop Man!

     My big boy. It's been two awesome years since you've come into our lives and let me tell you they have been great! I used to imagine what it would be like having a son and now that I have you it's better than I ever dreamed it would be. I love walking into your bedroom every morning and seeing that happy face just ready to begin the day. You're so full of life and happiness that even sleepy old daddy is ready to play.

One thing is certain, there is never a dull moment around you. You are in to everything and we have to stay on our toes to keep you from climbing the highest piece of furniture in the room. I love your energy and excitement for every second of the day.

You love this family and we love you. It's amazing to me to look down and see my mini-me following me around (well, usually it's actually me chasing you) and it makes me want to be a better dad. I'm doing my best to model what a Christian father and husband is to you already. You see son, one day you will meet a woman whom you fall deeply in love with and will want to marry and have a family. (I'm already praying for that girl) I know the responsibility to raise you to be that husband and father rests squarely on my shoulders and I will not let you down.

But right now the one thing that you're worried about is having fun and I'm here to have that fun with you and to teach you about this world. You're my best buddy and you've made me and your mother so happy. I'm so excited to see what the coming year has in store and I know it's going to be a blast.

I love you!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Cooper's 2nd Birthday Letter From Mommy


My sweet, sweet boy!  You are two years old!  This past year has been such a great year for you.  We have had lots of ups and several downs, but it has been a great year.  You have changed so much this past year.  You started this year as a baby and ended this year as a wild, fun, and busy toddler.

Your personality has come out so much this year.  And I can think of one word to describe it: busy!  You are all boy and into everything.  You have given me a run for my money this year.  You are into everything you can possibly get into.  We have had more things broken in our house in just this one year than we have for the past 7.  You are under things, over things, on top of things, all of it!  And while it is stressful at times, I wouldn't change it for the world.  I love how you just go for life and how you are curious about everything.

We have had several trials with you this year.  From surgery to speech, it has definitely been a journey.  But it has all turned out so positive, and none of it has been too much to deal with.  I am so proud of you and how far you've come in speech.  You've gone from making your "noise" for everything to babbling a ton and starting to use some words.  My personal goal for you (not based on anything speech has said) was that you would say 3-5 words on your own (with no prompting) by Christmas.  Sweet boy, you are already doing that!  Without prompting you will say wa-wa (for water), uh-oh, and ba-ba (for bye bye).  I love hearing it!  You will also say a few things if we ask you to (like tractor and daddy).  You have the cutest little man voice and I love it.  

You have also started to let us know how you feel about things!  If it's not exactly what you want, you have no problems pitching a fit to let us know that you're not happy.  The great thing is that they never last long and you return to a super happy boy very quickly.  

You also idolize your sister.  While she doesn't always love it, I think it's cute how you want to be with her.  On occasion, I will see you two being super sweet to each other.  You love it when she plays with you and makes you laugh.  You also have no problem trying to keep up with her!  You've also started standing up to her more and she doesn't just get away with taking away your toys anymore.  It's so neat to see you come into your own personality.

Here are some things you are really loving: outside, vehicles (especially construction ones or big trucks!), running and climbing, your Daddy, and being silly.  You just fill up my heart!  You are still a little slow to warm with strangers, but you're so busy that it usually doesn't last long.

Sweet boy, I just want you to know how extremely blessed I feel to be your Mommy.  You are amazing, and I know that you are going to do great things with your life.  I don't know exactly what path your life with take, but I know that it will be one that is full of adventure and laughter.  I love you so much, and I can't wait to watch you grow for another year.

I love you,