Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Lunch with LL - Daddy's Turn

Our goal for LL this year is that someone from our family would come to eat lunch with her at school once a month.  Unfortunately (because of my schedule at school this year), I won't be able to go any days.  Thankfully, we have so many people in town who are itching to go and eat with her!  First up?  Daddy!!  

LL takes her lunch about 75% of the time, but eats at school about 25% of the time.  This day was chicken nugget day, so she ate at school.
LL and her friend Bella.

LL's lunch table.

Madeline (LL's best friend), Bella, LL, and Claire

LL was so excited about Daddy coming and they both had a great time.  Matt said even the lunch lady came up to him and told him that LL had been telling her for days that her Daddy was coming to eat with her.  I'm so glad she enjoyed it so much - I know Daddy did, too!  


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Playing in the Rain

We were at Grammy and Pop's one random afternoon so that I could help Grammy make a bunch of clothes for the kids for fall.  While we were there, it started raining.  It was one of those times where it wasn't thundering or lightening, so what did we do?  We let them play outside in it, of course!


Sometimes in life it's just the simple things.  I hope they appreciate these types of moments when they get older.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Kid's Dig It

Our local 4-H puts on an event every year called "Kids Dig It", and they basically bring in a ton of construction equipment (tractors, trucks, lawn-mowers, fire-trucks, etc.) and the kids just get to climb all over them and have a blast!  We've never been before because LL wouldn't have been super excited and Cooper has been too little to care, but we knew this year that Cooper would probably lose his mind!  LL spent the night with Grammy and Pop the night before, so they just met us there and we all went in together.

Lowe's was there giving out aprons, and Cooper actually didn't mind wearing it.

I mean, can you even handle this smile on his face??

Big vehicles = big tires.

Surprisingly, LL was pretty excited to get in all of the vehicles, too.

We actually were there at the same time as The Hempe's, so we got to walk around with Luke for a little while.

Meg and I have been best friends for 25 years, so I love seeing the relationship between LL and Luke grow.

Cutest driver ever!

At our visit to the forestation this summer, he wasn't too excited to get in the fire truck.  This time, he was pumped!

You could also buy tickets for the kids to use to get to ride in a tractor, so we got two tickets so that they each could ride.

Watching LL ride away in the tractor.

Cooper's turn!

The last thing that we did before leaving was to take a hay ride!

My favorite boys.

We had such a fun morning!  At it was very cloudy (and started to rain as we were leaving), so it wasn't too hot at all.  I know for sure that we'll be going back next year!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Grandparent's Day

LL's Kindergarten class hosted a cute breakfast for Grandparent's Day.  LL was allowed to invite one grandparent (so hard when you have 6 in town!), and she picked Gigi.  Gigi got there at 8 one morning for the celebration.  Thankfully, she took some pictures for me!
LL was so excited to have Gigi at her school!

LL and her best friend, Madeline.  Madeline's mom teaches at my school, too.  I love that they're best friends!

Gigi's place setting

LL in front of the pictures she did of herself (I think she's one of the blue dress ones)

Walking in to sing songs!

They sang a few songs for the grandparents and Gigi took some video: Video 1 and Video 2

I can't say enough how amazing LL's kindergarten teacher is.  She really spent a lot of time, effort, and I'm sure money to put this together.  She did a great job, and Gigi and LL had so much fun together.  LL is also so blessed to have so many grandparents who would be there for her at the drop of a hat!