Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Shopping Weekend

A few years ago, Matt and I started a tradition that has now become one of our favorites.  We save for Christmas for lots of months out of the year (probably at least half).  About two years ago, we started taking a day trip to Tallahassee to get all of our Christmas shopping done in one day.  We fell in love with this because we got a short trip out of town, we got some super fun time with each other, and it is like a mini-shopping spree that we have no guilt about because 1- we've already saved the money and we pay everything in cash and 2 - it's all for Christmas!  When we started this tradition, Cooper was only about 5 months old, so a day trip was all we did.  Now that Cooper is a good bit older, we started exploring other options for our trip.  The weekend before Thanksgiving we had a free weekend, so we planned a kid-free trip to Atlanta to do our Christmas shopping up there!  Atlanta has sooo many more options than even Tallahassee, and we were able to have a mini-weekend getaway at the same time.  We also rarely get to see my Laura and Gino without a gaggle of kids around, so we were looking forward to seeing them!

After school was out on Friday, we went to Grammy and Pop's to drop LL off.  She was staying with them all weekend.  Cooper stayed with Gigi and Poppy on Friday night and then stayed with Grammy and Pop on Saturday night.  After all of the kids were where they were supposed to be, we hit the road for Atlanta!

Grammy and Pop sent us these pictures on the road - they had planted some sweet potatoes and LL had a blast digging them up!

Gigi also sent us lots of pictures.  Cooper had a blast hanging outside with Gigi and Olive!

Post to come, but the week prior to out trip, Cooper decided to start jumping out of his crib (yay!).  This means we had to make a fast transition to a big boy bed (except at our house - it took 3 weeks for his bed to come in), so that he wouldn't get hurt jumping out.  Gigi sent this picture of Cooper playing in his big boy bed at her house before bed time.

And then she sent this picture- he was out for the night!  I was soooo nervous about how he would do for everyone because he was not really liking the big boy bed and was getting in and out a ton (a no-no for us!), but he did fantastic while we were away!

Saturday morning we got up and ready for some serious shopping! But not before getting some Ben snuggles.  :)

While we shopped, Cooper played outside some more with Gigi...

…and got to meet Wendy at Wendy's!

Gigi sent this picture at nap time.  Cooper got out of his bed and fell asleep in the bean bag.  Bless.
What was also fun was that Laura came with us for the shopping!  

And ended up sharing the back of the car with a loooot of presents.

After a very full day of shopping, we came back to the house to get ready for dinner.  We were going on a kid-free date with Laura and Gino while Ben spent some time with his Nana.

We got up Sunday, hung out with Laura and Gino and Ben, and then left around lunch time to make it to Grammy and Pop's right after nap.  We really had the best weekend and it was so much fun to get all of our shopping done!


Monday, December 15, 2014

LL's Kindergarten Thanksgiving

The Friday before Thanksgiving break, LL had her Thanksgiving party at school.  I actually had a field trip that day (during the exact time of her party), so I wasn't able to go.  Luckily, Daddy was able to clear his schedule and he got to be there for her party!  She was super excited that morning, and I had so much fun getting her dressed up cute.  

Dressed and ready for school!

Her party wasn't a big to-do, but they had made some cute crafts and had some snacks for everyone.  

After the party, Daddy checked her out and they went to pick up lunch for me.  They got to school about 30 minutes before I did, but they hung out in Mrs. Kayla's room until I got there.  LL stayed the rest of the day with me and watched a movie (6th grade watched The Lorax) and then played outside with my kids.  I'm so glad that Daddy was able to go and be with her for her party!  


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Day in the Life

A few years ago (2011 to be exact), I did a "Day in the Life" post.  I haven't done one since, so its really about time.  After all of these years of blogging, reading other people's "Day in the Life" posts are still some of my favorite posts to read.  I did this day in the life the week before Thanksgiving break.  LL is 5 years old and in kindergarten and Cooper is almost 2.5.  What's funny is that the last time I did one of these posts, LL was also almost 2.5  Here's how a normal day for me goes:

Morning begins early for me.  This was after I got out of the shower at 5:36 am.  I always pull up the weather to make sure that LL and I are going to be dressed appropriately.  

LL gets up and starts getting ready for school around 5:45.  This morning, she was sneaking in some snuggles with Lovie before it was time to get ready.

Dressed and ready to go!  It was super cold this morning, so we all dressed very warm.

Scarves for everybody today!

LL rides the bus from my school to her school every morning (they're only about 5 miles apart).  Her bus leaves my school at 7:00 every morning, so we have to leave our house by 6:25.  She eats breakfast in the car (usually dry cereal and milk to drink or a pop tart) and watches movies on the iPad for our 30 minute drive.  I don't have to be at school until 7:15, but because of LL, I'm always one of the first people at school.  I also have morning planning, so I don't get students for 1st period until 9:15.  This means that I have a little over 2 hours to get my stuff done before I get students.  

This morning, I enjoyed some hot chocolate while I graded some papers, created some assignments, and did some lesson plans.  

Making my room smell awesome always makes work better.

I'm too busy during the day at school to worry about taking pictures - haha.  But my favorite part of my day is when LL makes it to my room in the afternoon!  She comes about 3:15 and we hang out and do homework (LL), put in grades/check email/get ready for the next day (me) until we can leave at 3:45.

Some days I have to go pick up Cooper, but most days Matt gets him and brings him home.  This day, LL and I beat the boys home.  She played in her room for a while and I got 15 blissful minutes to have quiet and watch Dr. Phil.  ;)

LL has been talking about how she knows how to braid, so after dinner, she "braided" my hair.  Any excuse for someone to play with my hair is fine by me!

Cooper decided he wanted to snuggle.  One kid playing with my hair and the other in my lap - perfect!

After about 5 minutes, Cooper decided he wanted an after dinner snack and helped himself to some grapes.  Grapes are one of his absolute favorite foods!

While Daddy bathed the kids, I straightened the kids rooms and picked out LL's clothes for the next day.  LL has about a million squinkies, and Lovie is obsessed with decapitating all of them.  Poor Cinderella.  I found her head while cleaning LL's room.

LL's outfit for the next day.  And, yes, we do not make beds every morning.  When you have to leave at 6:25, making the bed is not a priority.

After bath, I had to spend some time paying bills, and Matt set up LL's house tent in the living room for the kids to play in.  This is the first time that we've set it up since Cooper's been old enough to care, and he loved it.  They played in the tent and watched Jonah (Veggie Tales) for about 45 minutes before bed.

After the kids went to bed, Matt and I finally got some down time. We usually watch TV, clean the kitchen, get ready for the next day, etc.  Our life is pretty hectic and crazy, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

LL's Dentist Appointment

LL is finally in the routine of going to the dentist, and it really isn't an issue to visit any more.  With one exception.  The X-rays.  She's only had them done once, but it was awful.  It took several of us to hold her in position to get them done.  Last time she went in May, she didn't have an X-ray visit.  I knew that that meant that she would need them this time.  I prepared her for it - we talked about how it was just pictures.  How nothing hurt.  How it would be quick.  Before we went, she said she would be able to handle it.  

Her appointment was in the morning, so we had a good bit of time to get ready instead of our normal rush.  It was so nice not to have to get her ready and out of the door by 6:25!  We even had time to straighten her hair - something that she loves but we rarely have time to do.

The cleaning part was first and was a breeze.  She had no issues at all!  She's been talking about having wiggly teeth, but nothing really seemed to be moving to me.  She talked to the hygienist about it, and she looked at it and said that both of her front, bottom teeth actually were in the beginning stages of getting loose!  She also told me that she could see the adult teeth coming in behind the baby teeth.  What?!  I was really thrown off, but she said it was fine and that they see it a good bit.  She said most of the time, it all works itself out as soon as the baby teeth fall out.  I googled it when I got home (duh) and it's called shark teeth.  And it actually is pretty common!

After the cleaning, it was X-ray time!  She did so good!  She was a little nervous (more about the camera that the bite wings), but she got over it and did perfect!  They even let me push the X-ray button, so I was very excited about it.

Her appointment was on a Monday, and Friday afternoon she came to my classroom saying that she had a wiggly tooth!  I looked in there - and what do you know!  The adult tooth had already popped through!!  It's been about 2 weeks, and the adult tooth is more in, but her baby teeth are still barely wiggly.  This is going to make for an interesting look, that's for sure!  We just keep wiggling as hard as we can in hopes that they baby teeth will come out soon.  Her second adult tooth is about to pop through on the other side any day.

Sadly, about a week and a half after our visit, LL's dentist, Dr. Josh, had a seizure and passed away.  I was truly so upset when we heard.  We didn't know him personally, but he was always so kind and seemed so good with kids every time we went in.  When I told LL, she was very upset and even cried a little bit.  I found out later (through Facebook), that Dr. Josh was a Christian and had only been baptized about 2 weeks before his death.  How amazing is that??  It was a comfort to LL to know that she would be able to see Dr. Josh in Heaven again one day!


Monday, December 1, 2014

FSU vs. Virginia

Since we went to the the FSU game last year, we've been talking about going again.  It's really something that we enjoy, and we talked about how we thought LL was old enough to go and enjoy it, too.  As soon as football season started to roll around, we started talking and planning to go.  We talked with LL and she was excited to go with us.  We also talked with Kayla about it, and she was down to come, too!  We sat down and looked at dates, and decided to go with the Virginia Cavaliers game in early November.  The main reason that we picked November is because we did not want to be sweltering hot.  And the beginning of November can go a lot of ways (weather wise) in Florida.  We actually ended up getting a pretty cold weekend for the game.  

I was pretty nervous about the time.  Because game times depend of TV schedule, we weren't going to find out the game time until about a week before.  Since LL was going with us, I did not want it to be a super late game.  I knew that if it was an 8:00 game, we would probably end up not being able to take her even though we bought her a ticket.  Thankfully, it ended up being a 6:30 game.  Even though that was still going to be super late for her (her usual bed time is 7:30-8!), it was going to be workable.  We left right around 3:00 and got there in perfect time to take some pictures outside of the stadium and then sit down for the start of the game!

LL's first Seminole game!

It was also Kayla's first Seminole game!  ;)  I was proud of her for pulling some garnet and gold out of her closet to look the part!  We're trying as hard as we can to convert her!

I was so proud of LL!  She did so good and really had a blast!  Luckily, the two seats next to us stayed empty, so we had a pretty good bit of room for the 4 of us.  LL enjoyed eating and watching everything around us.

It started to get very cold, and LL started to get pretty tired, so we started to get silly.

By the start of the 3rd quarter, LL was pretty over it.  I think if it hadn't been so cold, she would have done a little better.  She snuggled us for the 3rd quarter and then we left.  By then it was 10:30 (and she had done fantastic AND we were winning), so we decided it would be best to call it a night.

We changed LL into her pajamas before we left the parking garage and gave her a big blanket.  Sweet girl was out before we made it out of Tallahassee!  She slept the whole way home and had no problem going to sleep when we took her inside.

It was so much fun to take LL to her first game and to have Kayla along!  I really hope this is something that we start to do yearly now that LL is older.